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As a Member of the American Junior Golf Association (“AJGA”), you will be granted access to the ACDS’s Coaches Corner website. The ACDS Coaches Corner contains confidential and/or trade secret information which is proprietary to AJGA, including but not limited to data on the AJGA’s junior members. This information is gathered at the effort and expense of the AJGA and is the subject of reasonable efforts, including password protection, to maintain its privacy. Only those members issued an individual Member ID may access the ACDS Coaches Corner.

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You further agree that, in the event of a violation of these policies, the AJGA will be irreparably harmed and that monetary damages will be insufficient to make it whole for the damages suffered. The AJGA therefore reserves the right to seek an Order from an appropriate court temporarily and/or permanently enjoining you from continuing to violate these policies. Furthermore, you hereby agree that, should the AJGA prevail in any civil action seeking either equitable relief or damages at law for your violation of these policies, you will be liable to the AJGA for all court costs and attorney fees incurred by the AJGA in pursuing its rights under this Agreement.

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